Technosoyuz LTD
proposes the widest variety
of the slit and perforated
sieves made of
non-corrosive steel.
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Equipment for brewing trade and food industry
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Equipment for ore-dressing industry
Equipment for paper industry
Equipment for producing of diesel bio-fuel
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Technosoyuz Ltd offers high-efficiency shell-and-tube heat-exchangers
Technosoyuz Ltd offers high-efficiency shell-and-tube heat-exchangers of alloy-treated »

TECHNOSOYUZ LTD develops managing programs
TECHNOSOYUZ LTD develops managing programs for the machine tools with CHPU before »


About Technosoyuz Company

        Technosoyuz LTD is an intensively developing enterprise, established on the basis of its own productive capacity in 1992.
        It employs 240 people.
        The Company specializes in the manufacturing of:
      •     scalping screens, sieves and wire mesh for scalping screens, purification plants, centrifuges, and rotors of centrifuges, filters of 12X18H10T stainless steel grade and its analogues for ore-dressing industry;
      •     equipment for malting, brewery and food industry;
      •     spare parts for equipment of pulp and paper industry enterprises;
      •     equipment for oil-yielding crop seeds processing and bio-fuel production.

        Technosoyuz LTD launched its activity with the output of slit grids on the coupling studs according to all-Union State Standard 9074-85.  Then the output of conveyer transport lattices for confectionaries, dispensing, labels and thermo-packing lines was mastered. In 2001 technical convents for weld slotted screen production have been worked up and registered, the same year licenses for erection, constructive works and for equipment designing.

        Full production course included workshop of the production of slit sieves, machine-shop of production non-standard equipment and the section of sieves perforation. Later, in view of necessity to perform a production of malt houses with the output of more then 100 thousand tons of malt per year, necessary technical equipment was bought and new manufacturing lodgments were founded, they are the workshop for the production of the capacity of big volumes and the workshop for the production and assemblage of hardware for malt boxes and dryers. At the moment the building of workshop for container production  and of the new modern machine-shop is being ended.

        In 2005 Technosoyuz LTD has obtained production spaces (4,5 thousand square meters) for the organization of production of granary, complexes for processing and drying of oil-bearing crops and biofuel production. And Plant of universal equipment which is the building block of LLC  Technosoyuz has been organized on the basis of already functioning production.

        Technosoyuz LTD is a permanent participant of thematic exhibitions held both in Ukraine and abroad. In 2002 Technosoyuz LTD was honored with the title of prize-winner of competition “The best production of 2002” in nomination “New developments for food industry”.

We have reached high qualitative and operational indexes of the production we produce, we have developed and introduced new methods which allow to use the equipment more productively


Naberezhnaya str, 149,
Donetsk, 83015, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 62 337-57-69